Class Descriptions

  • Gentle Stretch Yoga – A gentle yoga class with stretching at a slow pace.  Most of the class will take place laying or sitting on the mat.  In this class you can feel comfortable in your body and learn to move freely.
  • Stress Release Yoga – Stress release yoga is a $5 class paid with cash & $6 with credit card that is meant to help you relieve stress.  Come on out to stretch it out, release your stress while doing yoga.  This class includes pranayamas and audible releases.
  • Yoga Level I – Level I is meant for beginners and anyone who wants to join.  In Level I you will learn to do Sun Salutations properly and quickly to get the blood circulation flowing.
  • Yoga Level I & II – Level I & II is a class that is meant to bridge the gap between the levels.  Always fun and interesting.  Level I & II is similar  to the Stress Release Yoga class.
  • Yin  & Yang Yoga – The yang portion of this class will take you through a vinyasa flow. The yin portion of this class you will hold each pose for 1 to 4 minutes, stretching deep into the tendons and ligaments. A yin practice will enhance your Yang practice without a doubt. Yin Yoga is very meditative.
  • Yoga for Families – A 30 minute class that is fun and inspirational.  Kids will open up through the imaginative, playful yoga poses, engaging songs, beanie babies and stories that exercise social, sensory and motor skills.  In the end kids will find a stillness in motion.  
  • Yoga in the Chair – Yoga in the chair is meant for those who are unable to get on the mat.  Poses will be performed in the chair and with the support of the chair, so there is no fear of falling.