Class Descriptions

Community Yoga – Community Yoga class is held on Friday evenings. It is meant to be a fun and relaxing class for all levels of yoga & body types. This class includes, stretching, vinyasas, meditation and relaxation. A suggested minimum donation of $5 or whatever you feel led to donate. ***

Chair Yoga – Not everyone can get up and down off the floor easily making traditional yoga classes difficult. With the help of a chair anyone can practice yoga with the same benefits of increased circulation, balance, flexibility, mobility and strength.*  Class requires RSVP at 404-429-0751.

Chair Yoga is recommended for those with arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer (in-recovery), knee and weight issues, multiple sclerosis, post-op rehabilitation, and others with limited mobility.

Deepening Your Yoga Yoga Practice – A moderately paced flow class appropriate for all students. A mixed style class incorporating vinyasa yoga as well as attention to alignment and technique. Modifications are given allowing the students to choose a more beginning or more advanced practice according to their needs. A beautiful opportunity to be inspired by your fellow students of all levels.

Flow & Restore Yoga Class – Flowing through vinyasas for at least 30 minutes and then relaxing in deep stretches with the use of props. **

Gentle/Restorative YogaThis class is appropriate for all students seeking the benefits of a very relaxing, gentle, and nourishing practice. The combination of gentle hatha and deep restorative work improves range of motion and joint mobility while reducing pain and the effects of stress. Students with injuries, arthritis, or other chronic conditions are welcome in these classes. Practitioners with limitations related to age or size as well as students with a more vigorous yoga practice will benefit from this practice. No prior yoga experience required.***

Power Yoga – Power Yoga is a fluid, powerful, style of yoga that links movement and breath together. Power Yoga heals, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance, and intention.

Stress Release Yoga – This class, like all yoga classes, is meant to relieve stress and help you relax. Come on out to stretch it out, release your stress while doing yoga. This class includes breathing exercises and a short meditation. Stress release yoga varies slightly by instructor. ***

Yin Yoga – Yin yoga complements yang, focusing on connective tissue. Postures are held in mindful awareness for up to 5 minutes at a time. Yin offers beneficial skills for those with ADD, ADHD and those in recovery, that transfer off the mat. A restorative style yoga with no weight bearing and perfect for all levels. ***

Yoga for Beginners – Yoga for Beginners is great for those new to yoga, and those wishing to refresh “Beginner’s Mind.” This class is the perfect place to start if you don’t know anything about yoga. Learn proper alignment, modifications and options of foundational poses and vinyasas. You will learn breathing techniques & mudras. Breakdown of poses demonstrated to help you ease into Level 1! *

Yoga Flow for All Levels – Yoga Flow for All Levels combines a creative and intuitive vinyasa practice to promote a very unique blend of energies and enhancements.  Test the depths of your patience, grace, strength, balance and flexibility in this very dynamic practice. Yoga Flow for All Levels  will include combination poses that will strengthen your ability to transition from one situation to another situation on your mat as you transition off the mat in your Phenomenal World.***

Yoga Slow Flow – A very deliberate and slowly flowing class. In this class you will hold poses and stretch deeply. You will practice breathing with movement and your muscles will be challenged and strengthened. **

Yoga Level I – This class is slightly more challenging than Yoga for Beginners but still great for those new to yoga. You will continue to learn proper alignment, modifications and options of foundational poses. You will practice more vinyasas and have the opportunity to try to yin yoga. Breathing techniques and mudras are practiced. *

Yoga Level I & II –This class will challenge you mentally and physically connecting body, mind soul. The basic poses are refined with an emphasis on breath and movement. Inverted poses are introduced, as well as the philosophy, mindfulness, meditation. **

*Good for Beginners

**Best for those who practice

***Good for everyone

Please note the stars are just suggestions, join any class if you feel comfortable.