Sabrina, who has been practicing yoga for 30 years, received her certification as a Yoga Instructor from Peachtree Yoga Center under the guidance of Graham Fowler and Ursula Nix.  She also received a certification in Cardiac Yoga from The Cardiac Yoga Center in Charlottesville, Virginia under the guidance of Dr. M. Mala Cunningham and Dr. Dennis DeSilvey.   She will be receiving a B.S. in nutrition from Georgia State and is certified as a Massage Therapist. She contracts with Kaiser Permanente which allows her to teach yoga to various patients suffering from arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, MS and CVD.  Sabrina focuses on the healing aspects of yoga which includes various asanas (including restorative postures), breathing techniques, mind-body medicine, stress management, imagery (through music & sound) and touch.  Her kind and gentle approach allows students to feel comfortable when flowing through each posture.  She uses essential oils and candles (battery) to enhance the student’s experience.  Her intention is to teach the physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits of yoga to men, women and children of all ages while guiding them on the path of meditation, relaxation and good nutritional behavior.  She believes the body is a temple and it must be natured from the inside out.