Other Services

You Yoga, Me Yoga & More offers not only yoga but also other wellness services.

We are now offering:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) : It is a process which helps in releasing the blocked energy by specifically tapping on specific meridian energy points derived from acupuncture, it is an easy and simple tool to use.  www.yourhealthylifeatoz.com
  • Hypnosis : Hypnosis can be described as a state of concentrated, focused attention. It is usually (though not necessarily) characterized by deep relaxation. The mythology of hypnosis often calls it a sleep state, but this is not the case. In fact, hypnotic subjects are often fully awake and aware of all that is going on about them. Stereotypes of hypnosis create the impression that the subject is completely passive and accepts all of the suggestions that the hypnotist gives. In truth, the subject is actively engaged (either consciously or unconsciously) in considering the suggestions offered and using those that are helpful and rejecting those that are unacceptable. www.yourhealthylifeatoz.com
  • Meditation : Meditation helps in deeper relaxation of the body, healing it internally. We offer variety of meditation techniques. Mediation