Kelly Lynn Prime

Kelly Lynn Prime

Kelly Lynn Prime

The way life works certainly is nothing short of amazing. Kelly Lynn Prime, Soul Fitness Coach and Founder of Fitness for the Soul, began her career as a high school English teacher. After 13 years of teaching in both Detroit and Atlanta, Kelly left her job in 2011 to pursue the healing arts and become a solopreneur.  The first step in this process was Kelly’s own spiritual awakening which began with being introduced to the Law of Attraction in 2007 and energy work through a Tantra workshop in 2008.  By September of 2009, Kelly had become attuned as a second degree Reiki by Dr. Joyce Rennolds. By the fall of 2010, Kelly found herself immersed in Twin Hearts Meditation and another energetic healing modality called Pranic Healing, both founded by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Since December of 2010, Kelly has been consistently learning and practicing Energy Healing on herself and others. She also added Theta Healing to her repertoire in 2012 and has combined her knowledge and expertise in all of these modalities to come up with her own unique style of energy healing that helps clients find and eliminate the root causes of their physical and emotional pain.

Fitness for the Soul began as a Blog Talk Radio Show of the same name that airs every Sunday Morning at 10:30 AM.  Kelly began her show after hearing countless people talk about their own personal challenges with meditation. The show’s popularity and fan following inspired Kelly to create a live, more interactive version of her radio show as a class at You Yoga, Me Yoga.  Kelly’s Soul Fitness Healing Meditation not only provides an easy to follow, guided meditation, but it teaches the reasons why an inner workout is just as important, if not even MORE important that a physical workout. People hire personal trainers to help them develop physical workout regimens everyday.  Join Kelly’s classes to allow her to be your soul’s personal trainer.  In her class you’ll learn more about all things related to developing a meditative practice and a variety of topics related to your energetic anatomy.

Kelly looks forward to serving you, sharing with you and helping you feel better from the inside out!
As Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, once stated : “When the energy changes, people change.”

Although energy healing is an important part of Fitness for the Soul, it is not the only aspect of Kelly’s business. Kelly also provides Intuitive Oracle Card Readings, Personalized Coaching, Weight Management, Stop Smoking, Guided Meditations, Reflexology and more. Kelly is currently honing her psychic skills as a student in Carl Woodall’s (formerly of Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore) psychic development courses using The Anastasi System of Psychic Development.

*BA Secondary Education in English/Communications:  Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

*Michigan and Georgia Secondary Professional Certificate – English and Speech, 7-12.

*Level 4+ Pranic Healing Practitioner:  The Alicorn Institute, Atlanta, GA
-Basic, Advanced Pranic Healing
-Pranic Psycho-Therapy
-Pranic Crystal Healing
-Pranic Facelift/BodySculpting
-Arhatic Yogi Level 1

*Reiki Master:  Reverend Joyce Rennolds, Atlanta, GA

*Theta Healing: Clear Energetics, Atlanta, GA

-Basic Theta Healing
-Advanced Theta Healing
-Manifesting Abundance

*Ordained Interfaith Minister Candidate: The Universal Brotherhood Movement Inc., Coral Springs, FL